THE WEATHER STATION 'IGNORANCE' 2LP (Deluxe, Iridescent Blue Vinyl)



Limited to 2,000 units worldwide, the 2xLP physical edition of "Ignorance (Deluxe)" comes on Iridescent Blue vinyl, with updated liner notes from Tamara Lindeman, photos from "Ignorance" recording sessions, all housed in a gatefold jacket with Obi Strip. Disc 1 contains the original 10 songs from "Ignorance", with LP2 containing two new songs ("Better Now" and "Look"), plus 3 live "Ignorance" tracks, along with four reimagined and stripped back "Ignorance" favorites. Note release date for 2xLP Deluxe is November 19, 2021.

Ignorance (Deluxe) Tracklist

Vol. 1
2. Atlantic
3. Tried To Tell You
4. Parking Lot
5. Loss
6. Separated
7. Wear
8. Trust
9. Heart
10. Subdivisions

Vol. 2
1. Robber (Live)
2. Atlantic (Live)
3. Loss (Live)
4. Subdivisions (Piano Version)
5. Better Now
6. Tried To Tell You (Piano Version)
7. Parking Lot (Piano Version)
8. Heart (Piano Version)
9. Look

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