SUZI MOON 'ANIMAL' 12" EP (Neon Yellow Vinyl)



LABEL: Pirate Press
VARIANT: Neon Yellow Vinyl 12" EP

Suzi Moon’s effortless channeling of classic ‘77 punk rock spirit with a modern twist continues to evolve and grow. This second twelve inch with Pirates Press Records picks up where her debut left off - blowing us away with more incredible songs that will continue her upward trajectory as one of the most engaging women involved in punk right now! The response to her first release was fantastic, though not surprising - with the first press selling out before street date and the likes of Iggy Pop singing her praises on the BBC! The touring opportunities have been flooding in, despite the covid restraints, and the show reviews have been phenomenal. We’re all poised to see her fanbase grow immensely over the next year, and this release will be one of the biggest things propelling her forward.

When asked how she remained so focused and productive during 2021 Moon said "I am definitely a workaholic and since “Call The Shots” was literally my first and only guaranteed shot at getting my solo music out into the world, I didn’t want to waste one second. Between designing artwork, writing & recording songs, photoshoots, press interviews and all of the administrative stuff that goes on day to day, there was not much time for me to even stop and process the reality of my record coming out! My record with my face on it! Something I have dreamed of my entire life. This huge opportunity kept me motivated and focused, and I am super grateful to my label Pirates Press Records for believing in me and giving me a platform to do this crazy shit. I’m ready to do it again!”

So, we’re doing it again! And later this summer we’ll be releasing her full length, Dumb & In Luv. We can’t wait to see where 2022 takes us!

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