RANCID 'LET'S GO' 5x7" SINGLES (White & Red Vinyl)



“Let’s Go” has never sounded so huge. Surprising for a record that sold so many copies over the years - Already available on virtually every other format, and sold out on most - this recording will pass all tests - it’s as audiophile as it gets! The intentional grittiness of this record is the essence of why Rancid is Rancid, and why some things never change - and shouldn’t. Everyone needs a copy of this album in their collection - if you’re a vinyl collector, this one’s top-dog.

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• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a releasable bag.

A - Nihilism + Radio
B - Side Kick + Salvation
C - Tenderloin + Let’s Go + As One
D - Burn + The Ballad Of Jimmy & Johnny + Gunshot
E - I Am The One + Gave It Away + Ghetto Box
F - Harry Bridges + Black & Blue
G - St. Mary + Dope Sick Girl
H - International Cover-Up + Solidarity
I - Midnight + Motorcycle Ride
J - Name + 7 Years Down

Limited to 500 units

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