JAMES AND THE COLD GUN 'S/T' LP (Baby Blue/Black Split Vinyl)



LABEL: Loosegroove Records
VARIANT:Baby Blue/Black Split Vinyl LP

It took less than three years for James And The Cold Gun to go from a garage in Cardiff, Wales — where the band's co-founders, James Joseph and James Biss, recorded their debut album — to Hyde Park supporting Pearl Jam.

That sort of explosive growth is mirrored in the band's music: a loose, loud sound that evokes the glory days of 1990s alt-rock, back when electric guitars ruled the airwaves. James And The Cold Gun's self-titled debut album nods to that era, but it's a defiantly modern record, too, reclaiming the sounds of the past for a world in desperate need of a little amplification.

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard came across the band while listening to KEXP in Seattle. Impressed, he signed the band to his revitalized label, Loosegroove Records, and gave them a new assignment: to record a full-length album in the same garage that had hosted their first band practice. "Stone listened to our demos and liked the way our homemade recordings sounded," says Joseph. "That was exciting, because it opened up the possibility that we could make this album ourselves. I come from the punk scene and have always resonated with that do-it-yourself mentality."

 Written and recorded by two Welsh songwriters grappling with the onset of adulthood, James and the Cold Gun launch their debut album on Loosegroove Records.  A raw, reflective album: a coming-of-age exploration of the human condition, with introspective lyrics that pack the same amount of fury and firepower as the band's overdriven guitars. This is alternative rock music for the garage and the arena alike.

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