FROZEN SOUL ‘CRYPT OF ICE’ LP (Limited Edition, Baby Blue Vinyl)



Dallas Texas’ FROZEN SOUL lives up to its name as the sound of death metal at its most cold and classic. Riff after slow, grinding riff, there’s no mistaking the themes of isolation and suffering that permeate the quintet’s massive sonic missives. From the first note of their Century Media debut, Crypt of Ice, it's like the march of Game of Thrones’ Night King put to sound: nothing subtle about it at all. FROZEN SOUL's brand of straightforward, in-your-face death metal is a gasp of fresh air in a genre that’s stretched the very limits of technicality.


Side A

  1. Crypt of Ice

  2. Arctic Stranglehold

  3. Hand of Vengeance

  4. Wraith of Death

  5. Merciless

Side B

  1. Encased in Ice (album version)

  2. Beat to Dust

  3. Twist the Knife

  4. Faceless Enemy

  5. Gravedigger

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