Dan Snaith pulled from over 900 snippets -- beats, hooks, samples and other loopables -- to stitch together the 12 tracks on Caribou's Suddenly. As complex as this seems on paper (and surely was), the result sounds entirely effortless. It's also a record that sounds like a distillation of everything he had done up to this point, from the rhythmically propulsive psychedelic records he made as Manitoba, to the dance music pivot he made with Caribou's Swim and the sample/edit grooves he does under his Daphne alter-ego. Suddenly is all highs of various shapes, sizes and moods: there's ecstatic dancefloor fillers "Never Come Back," "Ravi," and the Gloria Barnes-sampling "Home"; moving and moody tracks "Sister" and "Magpie"; and "Sunny's Time" and "New Jade" which dip into neo-R&B. Caribou's swirling, liquid sound -- that mirrors the blue ripples of its cover art -- is teaming with life that goes far below the surface, whether you're here for a quick dip or a deep dive.

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