BALANCE AND COMPOSURE 'LIGHT WE MADE' LP (Anniversary Edition, Green Vinyl)



Reissue of Balance and Composure's Light We Made, originally released in 2016, for Vagrant Records' 25th Anniversary.

Limited edition LP on green vinyl.

On their third full-length, Pennsylvania's Balance and Composure opt to shift gears. While 2011's Separation and 2015's breakthrough The Things We Think We're Missing were seemingly cut from the same aggressive dynamic cloth, The Light We Made delivers different textural emphases. There's a drum machine on "Postcard," the set's first single, and a slippery, barely perceptible breakbeat snare on opener "Midnight Zone" underscored by lush, multi-tracked backing vocal harmonies. While the band's persona remains unmistakable, their approach is cleaner, gentler, and more multi-dimensional. Other highlights include the hooky "Call It Losing Touch" and "Loam," a bloodying yet utterly lyrical closer.

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