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These Arms are Snakes are an American post-hardcore band formed in 2003 and disbanded in 2009. The band was known for their chaotic and intense live performances and unique blend of post-hardcore, math, and experimental rock. Their music was characterized by intricate guitar work, pounding rhythms, and the dynamic vocal interplay between guitarists Steve Snere and Ryan Frederiksen.

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Despite only releasing three full-length albums during their seven-year run, These Arms are Snakes left a lasting impact on the underground rock scene. Their debut album, Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home, received critical acclaim for its innovative approach to post-hardcore. Their follow-up album, Easter, showcased a more experimental and atmospheric sound.

These Arms are Snakes toured extensively throughout their career and shared the stage with many notable acts, including Tool, Mastodon, and the Blood Brothers. While their time as a band may have been relatively brief, their influence on the post-hardcore and math rock genres is still felt today. These Arms are Snakes are known for their DIY approach to music, often self-releasing their albums and working with independent labels such as Jade Tree and Suicide Squeeze Records. 

Their commitment to independence and experimentation was reflected in their music and live shows, which were known for their unpredictable and visceral energy. As a band, These Arms are Snakes pushed the boundaries of post-hardcore and math rock, incorporating elements of jazz, noise, and experimental music into their sound. Their music was often complex and challenging but also incredibly cathartic and emotional. Lyrically, they explored themes of isolation, alienation, and the search for connection in a chaotic world.

While These Arms are Snakes may no longer be an active band, their legacy continues to inspire and influence new generations of musicians. With their innovative approach to post-hardcore and their uncompromising commitment to experimentation and independence, they remain an important part of the underground rock canon. In addition to their musical prowess, These Arms are Snakes are known for their visually striking album covers and artwork. The band often collaborated with artists and designers to create unique and thought-provoking imagery that complemented their music.