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The Spill Canvas are an alternative rock band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, formed in 2002. The band's music is characterized by its emotional lyrics, melodic hooks, and dynamic sound that ranges from quiet, acoustic ballads to high-energy, guitar-driven rock.

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Led by singer and guitarist Nick Thomas, The Spill Canvas have released several well-received albums, including Sunsets and Car Crashes, No Really, I'm Fine, and Formalities. The band's sound has been compared to the likes of Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World, with a strong emphasis on Thomas' emotive vocals and introspective songwriting. Over the years, The Spill Canvas have built a loyal fanbase through extensive touring and a reputation for powerful live performances. 

The band has shared stages with Yellowcard, Motion City Soundtrack, and The Starting Line, among others. The Spill Canvas are a band that has made a name for themselves with their honest and heartfelt approach to songwriting and its ability to connect with audiences on a personal level through its music. In addition to their studio albums, The Spill Canvas have also released several EPs and singles, including Honestly, I'm Doing Okay, which became a fan favorite and showcased the band's ability to blend catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics.

Despite some lineup changes over the years, The Spill Canvas have remained committed to their sound and vision and have continued to evolve and grow as a band. Their most recent album, Conduit, released in 2021, explores themes of loss, love, and healing and showcases the band's versatility and maturity as songwriters. With their passionate performances and honest, relatable lyrics, The Spill Canvas have earned a devoted following and continues to inspire and connect with fans worldwide.

The Spill Canvas' commitment to their fans and their craft is evident in everything they do, from their studio recordings to their live performances. They have a reputation for putting on high-energy shows that uplift and inspire fans. The band's musical style has evolved over the years, incorporating elements of indie rock, pop punk, and emo, but their dedication to honest and authentic songwriting has remained constant. 

Their music has been described as cathartic and uplifting, with lyrics that speak to the human experience and melodies that stay with listeners long after the song. As they continue to push the boundaries of their sound and explore new musical territories, The Spill Canvas remains a band deeply committed to their fans and their art. Their passion for music is infectious, and their ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level has made them a beloved and enduring presence in the alternative rock scene.