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Soccer Mommy are an indie rock project led by singer-songwriter Sophie Allison. With a sound that blends elements of lo-fi indie, dream pop, and 90s-inspired rock, Soccer Mommy have been praised for their emotionally raw and introspective songwriting, as well as its catchy and melodic hooks.

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Allison started writing and recording music as Soccer Mommy while attending college in Nashville and released her debut album, For Young Hearts, in 2016. She quickly gained a following for her intimate and personal lyrics, which touch on love, loss, and self-discovery.

Soccer Mommy's sophomore album, Clean, released in 2018, garnered critical acclaim and was named one of the year's best albums by numerous music publications. The album showcased Allison's growth as a songwriter and featured more polished production while maintaining the raw emotional intensity that has become a hallmark of her music.

Since then, Soccer Mommy have continued to tour and release new music, with 2020's Color Theory delving into darker themes of depression and anxiety. With her unique blend of vulnerability and catchy indie rock, Soccer Mommy have established themselves as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary music.

Her music often features introspective lyrics that touch on themes such as relationships, mental health, and growing up. Soccer Mommy's music is known for its melancholic and dreamy atmosphere, often paired with driving guitar riffs and catchy hooks. In addition to her studio albums, Soccer Mommy have released many singles and EPs. 

Soccer Mommy's live performances are known for their energy and intimacy, with Allison and her band delivering passionate and dynamic renditions of her songs. She has performed at many major music festivals, including Coachella, Primavera Sound, and Glastonbury. With her relatable lyrics, unique sound, and strong artistic vision, Soccer Mommy have become a leading figure in the indie rock scene. 

Her music has resonated with a wide audience, particularly young listeners drawn to her honesty and authenticity. Soccer Mommy's music has also been praised for their feminist perspective, with Allison often exploring themes related to gender and power dynamics in her lyrics. 

She has been vocal about the importance of women's voices in the music industry. She has used her platform to raise awareness about issues such as sexual harassment and gender inequality. 

Soccer Mommy have also been involved in various social and political causes. She has participated in benefit concerts for organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center and has spoken out against policies that harm marginalized communities.