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Off! are a hardcore punk supergroup formed in Los Angeles in 2009. The band consists of Keith Morris (formerly of Black Flag and Circle Jerks) on vocals, Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides) on guitar, Steven Shane McDonald (Redd Kross) on bass, and Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes) on drums.

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Off! are uncompromisingly loud, fast, and aggressive and their music combines the fury of early hardcore with the raw power of garage rock. The band's lyrics often address political and social issues, with Morris's vocals delivering urgent messages of dissent. Off! has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their self-titled debut in 2012 and their 2014 follow-up, Wasted Years.

Their music has been praised for its raw energy and unrelenting punk rock spirit. In concert, Off! are known for their intense and energetic live performances, which often feature Morris leaping into the crowd and engaging with fans. Off! is a band that embodies the spirit of classic punk rock, delivering blistering, no-nonsense music that speaks truth to power. 

Their veteran lineup and uncompromising approach make them a force to be reckoned with in the punk world and beyond. Off! has also gained a reputation for its politically charged music and activism. In addition to addressing social and political issues in their lyrics, they have also been involved in various activist movements, including supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement and raising awareness for environmental issues.

Despite their relatively short time as a band, Off! have left an indelible mark on the punk rock landscape. With their veteran lineup and unapologetically raw sound, they are a testament to the enduring power of punk rock as a voice for dissent and rebellion. Off! are a band that thrives on the energy of their live shows, and they have toured extensively throughout their career. 

Their live performances are renowned for their intensity and Morris's charismatic stage presence, often described as a "punk rock preacher" who urges his audience to embrace rebellion and fight against injustice. Off! have also garnered attention for their striking album artwork, which features bold graphic designs that capture the band's raw and uncompromising sound.

Off! are a band that stands out for its unapologetic approach to punk rock and its commitment to social and political activism. With their veteran lineup and consistently high-energy performances, they have established themselves as one of the modern era's most exciting and uncompromising punk bands.