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City Morgue are a New York-based hardcore rap duo known for their abrasive, intense style and dark, horrorcore themes. Composed of members ZillaKami and SosMula, the group draws inspiration from punk rock, metal, and hip-hop, blending these genres into a unique, aggressive sound.

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With a reputation for high-energy live shows and confrontational lyrics, City Morgue have gained a dedicated following in the underground rap scene. Their music is characterized by distorted, heavy beats, visceral screams, and bleak, violent imagery, exploring themes of death, decay, and nihilism.

Despite their confrontational approach, City Morgue have also garnered critical acclaim for their artistry and innovation. Some critics praise their ability to push the boundaries of rap and create a sound entirely their own. City Morgue are a raw, uncompromising force in the world of hardcore rap, pushing the boundaries of the genre and creating both unsettling and exhilarating music.

Their debut album, Vol. 1: Hell or High Water, released in 2018, showcased their signature sound and gained them a loyal fanbase. The album was followed by City Morgue Vol. 2: As Good As Dead, which further solidified their unique style and featured collaborations with artists such as Denzel Curry and Pouya.

City Morgue's music is not for the faint of heart, as their lyrics and visuals often contain explicit content and graphic violence. However, their authenticity and commitment to their art form have earned them a dedicated following and critical recognition. City Morgue have also made a name for themselves with their distinctive fashion sense and DIY approach to their image. 

Their dark, menacing aesthetic and punk-inspired clothing has become a brand staple. They often collaborate with underground fashion designers and artists to create their merchandise and album artwork. City Morgue are a boundary-pushing, uncompromising force in the world of hardcore rap, known for their intense live performances, innovative sound, and unique aesthetic.