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Archers of Loaf are a seminal indie rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, known for their raucous, guitar-driven sound and catchy melodies. Formed in 1991, the band consisted of singer/guitarist Eric Bachmann, guitarist Eric Johnson, bassist Matt Gentling, and drummer Mark Price.

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Archer of Loaf’s music blended punk, post-punk, and alternative rock elements, drawing comparisons to bands like Hüsker Dü, Pavement, and Sonic Youth. With their high-energy performances and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Archers of Loaf quickly gained a loyal following in the underground rock scene.

Their debut album, Icky Mettle, released in 1994, established the band as a force to be reckoned with. The album's standout tracks, including Web in Front and Wrong, showcased the band's ability to balance raw power with melodic hooks. Throughout their career, Archers of Loaf released four full-length albums, several EPs, and numerous singles. 

Their music continued to evolve, incorporating elements of country, folk, and even electronic music. Despite disbanding in 1998, Archers of Loaf's influence on indie rock is still felt today. Their legacy lives on through countless bands inspired by their unique sound and DIY ethos.

In 2011, the band announced their reunion, and their comeback performances were met with enthusiasm from longtime fans and new listeners. They continued to tour and release new music, including the album "White Trash Heroes" in 1998 and the EP "Curse of the Loaf" in 2015.

Archers of Loaf's music remains beloved for its raw, unbridled energy and thoughtful lyrics that touch on everything from love and heartbreak to social commentary and political disillusionment. Their distinctive sound, marked by Bachmann's passionate vocals and the interplay of Johnson's and Bachmann's guitars, inspires and influences musicians across genres.

With their signature blend of punk rock attitude and pop sensibility, Archers of Loaf will always be remembered as one of the most important and influential bands of the 90s indie rock scene.