Kill Lincoln
Can't Complain
Label:  Bad Time Records
Release Date:  Aug 7, 2020


A lot of bands try to recreate the sounds of ‘90s ska-punk, but few get it as right as Kill Lincoln. They lie somewhere in between The Suicide Machines’ ska/hardcore crossover and Less Than Jake’s euphoric pop hooks, and their new album Can’t Complain sounds as fresh in 2020 as Destruction by Definition and Losing Streak did in 1996. (And like Destruction by Definition has a ska cover of Minor Threat, Can’t Complain has one of Paint It Black’s “Womb Envy,” a song that’s actually slightly older now than “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” was when TSM covered it.) If you’re a longtime ska-punk fan, Can’t Complain will fill you with warm feelings of nostalgia, but this album succeeds because it goes beyond reminding you of your favorite ’90 bands. Kill Lincoln don’t approach ska-punk as a faded trend that needs reviving; they approach it as a valid genre of music with something to say right now. And on Can’t Complain, Kill Lincoln use their fast-paced, adrenaline-rush-inducing songs to address the state of the world in 2020. It’s fun, exhilarating music, but don’t ever mistake the bright hooks for a lack of purpose. - Andrew Sacher

Recorded at District Recordings in San Jose, CA with engineer Ryan Perras (The Atom Age), The art is by well known MD tattoo artist Antonio Roque, which looks killer printed on the reverse board gatefold jacket. 

Track listing:
1. Greetings from Inner Space
2. Used Up
3. Last Ditch Denial
4. Ignorance is Bliss
5. Who am I this time?
6. Confession Obsession
7. Well
 Spent; Wasted
8. Civil Surgery
9. Quarantine Dream
10. Womb Envy (Paint it Black)
11. Can't Complain

Kill Lincoln is:
Matt "Food" Ellis - Saxophone, vocals
Tyler Rodgers - Drums
Mike Sosinski - Vocals, Guitar
CJ Uy - Bass, Vocals, Guitar solo track #7
Yasutaka “Ume” Umemoto - Trombone
Drew Skibitsky - Hype

All songs written by Kill Lincoln except “Womb Envy” by Paint it Black

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