An underrated legend who is finally getting his due, Beverly Glenn-Copeland -- by the artists' own admissions -- has influenced not one, but at least two of the other albums on this BrooklynVegan's end-of-year list. “I was listening to Glenn a lot when I was writing græ," Moses Sumney told wepresent. "I love the use of his vocal range and the poeticism of the lyrics; it sounds like there are two different people singing at different points, the ability to embody this duality. I do think that Glenn’s identity really speaks to this moment when people are understanding gender in a more complex way than they did in the ‘70s. I think of trans people as a blueprint for what life should be, just understanding nuance and understanding beyond the binary. Musically, Glenn has been doing that for so long."

Glenn is "someone that I talk about any chance that I can and somebody who had a huge influence not only on [Suddenly], but also just in my life over the last five or six years," Caribou's Dan Snaith told NPR.

Though this year's release is considered a career-spanning compilation, it also includes new and archival unreleased tracks and live versions. Collectively, Transmissions is a great starting point for those just discovering this magical artist whose debut album was released 50 years ago, and who, like Dan Snaith, we want to take any chance -- like this one -- to keep talking about.

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